About the Company

Petko Angelov BG LTD is one of the leading transport companies in Bulgaria. It offers road haulage services in the European Union and Turkey. All vehicles in our fleet meet European standards for international transport. Petko Angelov BG Ltd has its own garage area of 30 000 m2, as well as a vehicle repair shop, a vehicle inspection station and a car wash. The vehicle repair facilities cover an area of 800 m2 and are equipped with specialized equipment. The company has a technical team and mobile service that offer 24-hour support in the country and the neighboring countries.


“The customer comes first”- these are not just big advertising words. Our work model is structured to provide quality transport solutions tailored to meet your individual needs and the specifics of your business activity. We believe that good results are always the result of a well-thought-out and adequately implemented plan. That is why we are available to discuss and analyze every step of our common project – from planning to implementation. What distinguishes Petko Angelov BG Ltd.? Long-standing years of experience in this field, accurate and timely solutions, a team of proven professionals and a reliable facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It is the success of our partners and the trust placed by a number of leading companies from all over Europe that is the real attestation for the years of hard work and the results achieved. We believe that honesty and professionalism in our work are fundamental to establishing stable relationships and successful long-term partnerships.