EURO 6 trucks

Private owned service


Petko Angelov LTD specializes in providing all of the comprehensive technical and managerial services required for the transportation of freight loads efficiently and reliably, regardless of size or shape, including ADR from Bulgaria and Turkey to all European countries and back. It also executes intra-European shipment in the countries members of the European Union. Some of the main destinations include UK, Benelux, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

All vehicles meet the European requirements for ensuring high levels of safety on the road and environmental protection, have all necessary licenses and permits, and are insured against freight theft. The company maintains excellent business relations with their Bulgarian and European partners. The company owns a 30 000sq.m. garage plot with a gas station located on the territory of Plovdiv. Vehicles with expired warranty period are maintained and repaired in the privately owned service station, which is built on 800sq.m.and is fitted up with the latest, specialized equipment. The company offers a 24 hour emergency service on the territory of Bulgaria and the neighboring countries.

"Petko Angelov BG" Ltd. was honoured from ICAP Bulgaria with the award “TRUE LEADER” .This is the 1st year that the institution “TRUE LEADERS” is distinguishing (not ranking) the Companies that simultaneously met in 2012, based on published results, the following measurable and objective criteria:.


  • Were included in the 300 most profitable Companies based on EBITDA
  • Have increased their employees base from 2011 to 2012
  • Are ranked on the top position in their industry
  • Have high ICAP Credit Rating (B2 – A1)
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